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Five simple ways to lift your mood

It is no secret that I’ve been feeling a bit stressed lately, so I thought I would share my tips on how to get an instant mood lift.

Buy yourself some flowers 

My husband is a good man. But the flower buying type he is not, unless it is an anniversary, which is a long wait  for a girl between flowers. I made a deal with myself to buy myself some flowers every week because I love them. Even a $5 bunch from the fruit market will do. If I’m feeling rich then I will go all out from the florist. Just because. I love having them on my desk and something next to my bed. Instant mood lift.

Have a candlelit bath

Your bathroom which needs a clean can look all sorts of appealing with a candle in the dark. When I’m super stressed, I turn off all the lights and have a candlelit bath with a glass of red. It is not quite a trip to the day spa, but it works.

Exercise, even the gentle kind 

You never regret a work out, says Michelle Bridges. I hate to say it, but she is right. Lately when I have been dragging myself to the gym, I haven’t regretted it. Not even once. When I haven’t had the energy to run, I have gone for an hour walk instead. Didn’t want to do cardio, but changed it to my weights day. Just doing something, instead of doing nothing, will instantly lift your mood, and help with sleep and of course, those natural endorphins.

Cancel all non-essential tasks – is everything your ‘to do’ list really that urgent?

I’ve been feeling so stressed, working full-time. Trying to keep on with the blog, writing articles, catching up with friends and training, all while supporting a partner in poor health. Stress makes it all feel so overwhelming. But it is the pressure that I apply to myself to keep doing all that is the culprit. I’ve realised I’m not actually superwoman and friends will understand when I can’t do it all. My to do list was making me so stressed out, so I’ve cancelled the stuff that isn’t needed right now. Told friends that I will reschedule once we get through this crazy bit, once The Ginger Hunk can walk again, once we have a decision. My books can wait. Non essential writing pitches can wait. At the moment, I just need to go to work, look after my health and my Ginger Hunk, get some words out on the blog because it helps me think, cuddle the cats and just be. Everything else can wait.

Lie down with your legs up the wall for five minutes

This is an instant relief for me. Sounds crazy. But it works. I found this pose in yoga practice. It is known as Viparita Karani, or legs up the wall. I find it so grounding. It brings me into the present moment, out of my head, and gives me an instant feeling of calm. I often meditate like this. (When I meditate… which is a whole another blog post!)

What do you do for an instant piece of calm in your world?

Any tips?

Happy Sunday XXX


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