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Four books in my ‘to read’ pile

Once upon a time, I used to read a book a week. Then it was one book a month, when I used to be in a book club. Now it is more sporadic, but I am getting myself into a more disciplined pattern reading every night, and I am loving it.

Here are four books in my ‘to read’ pile right now.

1. The Rosie Effect, by Graeme Simpson

I absolutely loved learning about Don Tillman and the illustrious Rosie, in The Rosie Project. I can’t wait to see what is next for them, as they navigate marriage and pregnancy.

2. My Story, by Julia Gillard  

I try not to read many books about politics or mental health, because I work in both, but this one crept on my bookshelves from Mum for Christmas. I do like Julia, and I am keen to read about the 27th and first female prime minister of Australia, but I need to work up to this because of the the a) length and b) subject matter.

3. Light is the new Black, by Rebecca Campbell

I lie because this actually is not on my bookshelf yet. But I have ordered already on amazon and it is coming my way in July! And it is a story very dear to my heart. Rebecca is my school friend, who hit rock bottom, changed her life, found her purpose and now helps others to do the same. I can’t wait to hear her story from front to back. It was during one of her workshops two years ago that I had the epiphany to start this blog. Thank you Rebecca!

4. Selfish, Shallow and Self Absorbed, edited by Megan Daum

This one is a collection of sixteen essays from writers who have decided not to have children. I am particularly interested in this one. I sometimes wonder if you can give yourself entirely to a passion or a calling and raise a child, or if you spend your life feeling torn in two. I have made peace with my decision/non decision on this at the moment, but I can’t wait read about women and men (for once) weigh in on what it means to have a full and fulfilling life without children.


What is on your list? 

Anything good?

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