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This week I have been thinking about family traditions.

It is my little nephews 5th birthday today.

I can’t tell you how much being an Aunt has enriched my life.

I have always loved baking, and jumped at the chance to make William’s first birthday cake. As it turned out, I have made his birthday cake’s ever since. (And little Ivy who turned one this year.) I think it helps my sister out, baking a cake with two little kids around and organising the birthday party can’t be an easy thing to happen simultaneously.

This is a lovely tradition my sister and I have started and I was thinking what other funny things we do in the family.

So here are my traditions starting with C.


2014-06-28 14.45.56

Besides the baking, we all get together and have a birthday cake.

As busy as we all are, no birthday passes without a piece of cake and a cuppa.


There was Leo the Lion 


There was Winnie (bless her little cat soul)


And now there is Sashimi the Snow Leopard! 


Without a cat it feels like my left arm is missing. I might not be sure on the kid thing, but I am SURE on the cat thing. We have had them ever since I was born. The cat lady gene started with my granny and seemed to get stronger as time went on (with me anyway).

CARDS (hideous ones)

In the last few years, we have started a trend that whoever buys the WORST Christmas/ Birthday card wins. We spend festive days and birthdays howling with laughter at the most tacky and weirdest hallmark messages. People in the card shop often think we are weird as a we can be found around Christmas time searching for the worst card ever and laughing for hours making our choice.

This is the special card I received recently for my 33rd Birthday. Short yet effective.

WP_000387 WP_000386



We are beach folk and  are happiest living by the coast. Blueys’ Beach is our special place.

Blueys Beach us DAD



Our family communication superhighway is in ALWAYS full force.  We communicate about everything. Sometimes too many things. Phone calls on the way to work. One the way home from work. If it happened during the day to anyone at work or daycare or the cat slept in a different position…. it has been communicated throughout all arms of the family by close of business. And this is for non major news. News like a job offer, a holiday or a pregnancy can send the communication superhighway into overdrive. We like to talk A LOT. (Especially the women.) If a family member cannot be contactable then this spreads throughout the superhighway until he /she is found.

M and Ash

Christmas stick

Every second year, growing up we have the ‘stick’ instead of the tree like when Mum was growing up. This is a tradition I have kept in my new house. (Albeit a bit more trendy with fancy lights. )


So they are our traditions that make us.

Are traditions important to you? Tell me about yours! 


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