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French boys do it differently

For the last week and a bit, we have had an impromptu house guest – a student from France. Normally I would be wildly anxious about having someone stay in our wee little apartment for ten days but now I am trying to live my life a bit more ‘meh’ and with a touch of flexibility.

So, we had the Frenchie on our couch until he found a family to stay with. (It also helped that he is very good looking. He is only 20, and is my husbands family friend so I say that in a non creepy kind of motherly way. PROMISE.)

Now we miss having him around.

Tonight I share a few things I have noticed about the French boys (or this particular one). They seem to train them differently over there and perhaps I would like a French son of my own (already grown and house trained).

This is what I noticed that was different to the beach boys I am used to…

1. Politeness

Thank you, yes please ladies first. He even made sure at dinner I was sitting staring at James “my husband”. (I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the view I had already was fine. Also, I didn’t want to seem like a creepy in front of said husband.)

2. SO helpful

Washing up after dinner, bringing the salt and pepper to the table, carrying things.

3. Organised. LOOK INSIDE THIS SUITCASE. What twenty something year old do you know travels like this?


4. Dresses Smartly. (Again a photo would be kinda creepy here.)

He wore a collared shirt every day for school. Just quietly, I think he spent more time in the bathroom than me most mornings.

5. Clean. SO CLEAN.

I have said it before. A man who cleans is hard to find. Check out my friend Jess who wrote about her daily cleaning struggles and much of the ladies I know echo the same thoughts.

Anyway, adopted french son did THIS to our kitchen when we went away for ONE night.

IMG_20141001_184440And then, the final nail on the coffin…

6. Sasha ACTUALLY smootched him.

My untouchable and precious cat, the hater of all humans approached him for a pat and a leg rub.

The evidence is here.


Are all French boys like this?

Or did we get a good one? 


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