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Getting fired by your cleaner, summer ambitions and the hoarding cupboard.

The Ginger Hunk and I argue SOMETIMES about the cleaning. Sometimes. So when he was mangled with hip surgery last year and he could not walk I thought it was a great time to sneakily introduce a cleaner into the My Meow household. I snuck her in and she has now stayed. Recommended by my sister (who has since been fired by the cleaner read below *) Fiona will scrub, clean, tidy things in piles, make the tiles and the shower all shiny, and WE DON’T HAVE TO ARGUE ABOUT CLEANING ANY MORE for the grand price of $55 a fortnight. She is awesome. Seeing I have all this time now, (where I don’t have to clean) I had ambitions, great ambitions to do things before the end of summer. These included but were not limited to; trying stand up paddleboard yoga (tick), cleaning the kitchen cupboards (tick) cleaning out my wardrobe (tick), writing my cat book draft (fail), doing a triathlon no matter how tiny (fail), losing weight (half tick) and re potting the plants (tick).

I also had grand plans to clean out the hoarding cupboard.

Everyone has one of these, and because nothing of interest happened this weekend (except that I made a cake that flopped) I shall take you on a tour.

Do you all have a cupboard that is filled with CRAP?

Exhibit A. The hoarding cupboard.








Exhibit B – Shelf 1 and 2

The highest shelf contains secret items placed carefully two years ago when we moved in, never to be removed from said shelf again. I do not know what is up there, and I only iron in extreme circumstances. Shelf 2 contains 57 bottles of shampoo,(because we are incapable of buying conditioner, it seems), medical equipment from the 90’s, several de fluff brushes, and containers for when I am going to sort out my make up drawer. Not sure what is in the back.










Exhibit C – Shelf 3 and 4

Shelf 3 is the light globe, electric shaver, space bags (that we never use). Shelf 4 is the linen place and where we dump shopping bags of shopping ghosts past. It is also the dumping ground for the 587 cat toys we own.








Exhibit D – the dungeon








In an ideal world this would be where I have some kind of walk in, indoor kitty litter haven. Like something you would spy on Ikea Hackers.. or over here.

Instead we have the dumping ground of all sorts. Shopping bags, the vacuum cleaner, my ‘festival boots’ that I hope I will wear again one day. Rolls and ROLLS of toilet paper. Where does it all go if you do not have a hoarding cupboard???

Maybe this will go on my winter list!

Do you have a hoarding cupboard/ garage/ laundry?

Did summer get away from you? What did you want to do that you didn’t? 

Have you been fired by your cleaner?

*My sister a few weeks ago, was advised that she had to find herself a new cleaner, by her cleaner, she is “too scary” apparently!

(Poor sis, I love you.)

Happy Sunday!





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