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How to avoid the Lurgy



Because it seems to be that time of year, tonight a whole  exciting post on the topic of flu etiquette… What do you do when you have the lurgy? Go to work  OR stay at home?

What if you have stayed at home for three days and your lurgy is not gone?

This week I find myself hiding under my desk at work and have been through a whole packet of anti-bacterial wipes and half a tub of AQUIM. Lather. Wipe. Repeat. 

The office is full of GERMS! People are coughing and spluttering EVERYWHERE.

As I sat today in my bubble of hygiene compulsively wiping AQUIM all over my hands, I remained optimistic that I might outlast the storm.

Nightly overdoses of KI and Berocca, seem to be waning off the germs.

SO FAR I am safe.. #touchwood

What is the go with coming to work sick?

I am the first to take a sick day when it is needed. A) I do not want to infect my fellow workers and B) I want to make a speedy recovery.

A couple of weeks ago I had a stomach bug and my tummy was making noises from the deep so I stayed at home.   I thought best to avoid the bus and the  risky temperamental work toilet… BUT I understand for people slamming a deadline feel that they have to come in.  Or when pay is lost if you are contracting then losing a days work is a lot of money. Or you feel that you have waited long enough, and staying at home isn’t doing anything anyway.

YET I am fearful that this bug will get me eventually too, and I will  in turn spend my weekend lying in bed. Then no doubt, I will miraculously recover in time for work on Monday.

 The Australian Government suggests the following here to prevent the spread of the flu…

Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough

Wash your hands

Don’t share personal items

Clean surfaces

Avoid close contact with others.


This advice all seems to point at STAYING AT HOME!

Yet today I sat, one of the few remaining healthy folk left at my desk overdosing on Berocca and praying  silently (and out load to my colleagues) that their germs pass over me like a ghost in the night.

God forbid that I get it and in turn give The Ginger Hunk the man flu, the most deadly virus of them all.

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