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Meow Review: When I went to Cat Yoga

I went to Cat Yoga a week or so ago with Sanch @ My Imperfect Life .

A few people said I must blog about this ASAP and they were right.

(I think Sanch and I might be twins by the way, but that is a blog post for another time.)

Before I talk about Cat Yoga, let me answer some questions you might have in general about the concept.

  1. You do not take your own cat to Cat Yoga they have cats for you at Catmosphere Cat Cafe.
  2. The yoga class is not for the cats, it is for humans.
  3. If you do not know what a Cat Cafe is, firstly, I am ashamed for you. In one sentence, a cat cafe is a cafe full of cats, otherwise known as HEAVEN. Secondly, you can read about it here or here, before moving onto the more advanced subject of CAT YOGA.

Now that you know the basics, I can talk about Cat Yoga, which is essentially, yoga for humans in a room full of cats, otherwise known as HEAVEN +++.

Catmosphere in Surry Hills have introduced Cat Yoga to their schedule. Sanch and I planned it a while ago because…well because CATS AND YOGA. We met up first to talk about all things writing, cats and the general blogosphere, then we arrived at Catmosphere. There are two rooms, the cat room and the OMG kitten room… otherwise known as HEAVEN++++. A ROOM FULL OF KITTENS.

Yoga is in the cat room.

We anxiously waited for the other humans to finish their heavy petting session and then went up to the room and set up our yoga mats.

This was distracting and hard to keep focused because OMG THE CATS.


How many kitties can you see?

How many kitties can you see?

Our teacher sprinkled a little bit of catnip on our mats, and this made the kitties go crazy. They were running around the room, scratching the mats, excited that new humans had arrived. Buzz, sat in the middle of some dudes mat and didn’t move for the entire class. We were joined by six  others humans for our yoga class, and around 13 cats. (One lady seemed quite surprised that we were actually doing yoga, instead of patting the cats.) That comes later. First you have to torture yourself by remaining still and calm and NOT TOUCHING THE CATS FOR 45 MINUTES WHILST DOING YOGA.


After the initial excitement, the cats, and us, settled into the class.

As I mentioned, some didn’t move, for the entire class.

This one sat on someones mat the ENTIRE class, then got up and was like 'meh, my work is done', when it was over'. Cats.

This one sat on someones mat the ENTIRE class, then got up and was like ‘meh, my work is done’, when it was over’. Cats.

One sat on my bag and stared me out, in his own yogic sphinx pose.


And this every time I was in downward dog. How can I think about yoga when THERE’S A KITTY ON THE WALL!

There is a kitty on the shelf and I want to touch it....

Kitty on the shelf and I want to touch it….

I absolutely loved doing yoga in a room of cats. The only downside was, not being able to touch them whilst being busy doing yoga, (and one cat taking a shit in his litter box behind me when I was mid downward dog, because you know… cats.)

The kitties themselves kind of calmed down towards the end of the class. They went into their own little relaxation zone and chilled out to the music. It was very cute.

And finally, at the end, we could express the free love that exists between human and cat…

Sanch and her new friend.

Sanch and her new friend.

Would I go again?




Meow for now,

Ashleigh XXXX

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