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Women With Purpose : Bexy McFly

Her name is McFly and I  admit that I did met her on the internet. (It is not as creepy as it seems I promise!)

We are part of a mutual writers group that offers support to up and coming writers and one day there I spied a post on the Facebook page that struck me. A lady asked: “Is there anywhere I can write articles about cats, I love them and think I should be writing about them more.” 

Checking out her profile pic I thought, I MUST be friends with this person right now! image1

Messages flowed back and forth before we met in person. We both had blogs, cats and (cat lady tolerant) husbands. We lived in London at the same time, had ambitions to publish and we share our uncertainty for children. Drinks were soon organised and we bonded over seventeen wines and discussions about books, cats and blogging.


Last year, Bexy self published her first magazine, PUSSWEEK Magazine, which is a magazine for cats, by cats. It is hilariously funny; her talent as a witty, sharp and creative author and graphic designer shines through. For the cat, advice can be sought about being addicted to catnip, your scratching post and top 20 sleeps. For the human, PUSSWEEK is funny and light, a delightful break from the daily doom and gloom or the usual pet care magazines (of the how to care for your cat variety).  You can read what Sasha thought of PUSSWEEK Magazine over here.

The idea for PUSSWEEK was born out of a uni assignment that Bexy finished TEN years ago. She had always had it in the back of her mind that one day she would make the magazine a reality. Now in her thirties Bexy has done the whole shebang herself, learning about self publishing her own print and e-book, marketing, and dealing with the occasional haters and crazies.

Throughout the project, she has learnt that you cannot expect help from other people, or rely on people to do things for you.

This is true to what she has achieved. She has self published online and in print, promoted it herself, made connections with bookstores and cat cafe’s and has developed a community of over 10, 000 fans on Facebook.

What can we expect in the next edition of PUSSWEEK?

(I for one am very excited about prospective interviews with some special cats.)

Bexy wants the next issue to be true to the roots of the first one, but also have its own unique mark.

She is not in a rush to get out a new issue if it isn’t purrfect, (which tells you something about her attention to detail and quality).

And for people who are haters or think she is a crazy cat lady?

Her advice is simple.

“Do as a cat does and walk away…or just scratch their eyes out”

Sounds pretty smart to me.

You can learn more about PUSSWEEK (and how to get your paws on a copy) here and read Bexy’s personal blog here.

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