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My Weight Loss Journey – Day 47- 6.4kg

I haven’t done a vlog  for a while and it’s far to late to set up that technology tonight, but I thought y’all needed an update on how I was going with my weight loss. (Yes I am still on my program through surgery, Christmas, life etc.) I could not believe when I stepped on the scales today and I have lost a total of 6.4kg in 7 weeks. Which brings me to a little less than half way in this journey to my actual goal weight. People have started asking me what I have been doing when I have been posting my results, and noticing the physical difference in me which is nice. When I say what is involved, some kind of smirk, some say they couldn’t do it, and this and that excuse. I’ve heard them all before. I used to make them for myself. (For two years, in fact, while I ignored the weight piling on.)

I want to iterate here that no matter WHAT program you do to lose weight, there is no easy way. It takes commitment, and not throwing the towel in after a week/day/month. I have been on them all in the past. They work if you stick to them. Essentially, I’m doing a program called Weight Loss Coaching, which is whole heap of walking (EASY) and sticking to a low-carb diet with the support of a team every day. It is not rocket science. But the support is the key for me to stay motivated. And life is hard. Life is busy. It’s so easy to eat a muffin a day at work, have a few glasses of wine at night to de-stress, treat yourself on the weekend. Trust me I have been there. But these habits slowly increase and add up each day (or mine were anyway), and as I made excuse after excuse for it, then there came a time when I could not ignore it anymore.

I wasn’t valuing my health or my body, and how precious it is to have one that works! This is what I have learnt in the past few years, watching what The Ginger Hunk has gone through. 

I talked about the start of my journey here when I sat down two months ago and decided that enough was enough. I haven’t been perfect, but I’ve sure been consistent. I’ve been out for my anniversary, had a weekend away, and had pizza with The Ginger Hunk when he came home from the hospital. I’ve had some bubbles, and some vodka. This is life and it is stupid to think I wouldn’t be doing those things.  But I’ve been straight back on the wagon after these events.  Walking every day, 12 to 15000 steps and recently adding in some yoga and strength a couple of times a week. What I have learnt through this program is, is getting back on the wagon after these slip ups is key and being consistent. The old me would throw in a whole weekend, or a week, or more, when I got derailed. Not anymore.

But losing weight and eating well is so much more than losing weight.

I’m feeling so much better in my mental and physical health, my skin is clear and most importantly my sleep has improved 100%.

Bring on the next two months!

What are your health and fitness goals for 2017 or successes you have had in 2016? 

Do share! 

Ashleigh XXX 

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