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Thank you everyone for your kind messages, texts, Facebook and blog love. I didn’t realise The Ginger Hunk was so loved. (Well I did kind of, that is why I married him!) The last few days have been a whirlwind after the long-awaited surgery and I am pleased to say that the operation went well and The Ginger Hunk has the best Christmas present ever, a new shiny hip. Of course, I have been hit with the flu, I came down with it last week, it went away for a few days, then came back with a vengeance. It’s that thing that happens you know, when you’re waiting for something, and hanging on till the end, and then it happens and BOOM, you get sick. Kind of like when you’ve been working at a big project at work, or something and your body lets go of everything.

Anyway, I digress. After being preferably ignorant to what was going to happen on the operating table, I’ve been googling the shit out of hip replacements. It’s pretty amazing that they put this shiny new ceramic thing in The Ginger Hunk’s leg, that is going to become part of him. His muscles will support it (once they have gotten through being carved open) and his ligaments will grow into it. After the crappy process we went through with the whole DVA claiming process, I’m all astounded at the wonders of health technology and the health system this week.

If you fancy a bit of gory detail (it is animated by the way), this is what he had done to him. (Note the power tools.)

And after all that, My Ginger Hunk has been up and walking, showering, doing loops around the ward today, and hopefully will be home on Wednesday.

Isn’t that amazing?

Happy Christmas to us.

Ashleigh XXX



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