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The Incy Wincy Spider (Bite)

The incy wincy spider, crept up the hall.

Out came its fangs and made the incision small.

Up blew my foot and swelled up with the pain…

2015-06-20 07.31.54

Now I’m here a wondering when I can run again?

2015-06-21 08.43.13

# I wish I had an exciting story, like I got bitten by something exotic on Elcho Island and the locals cured me with some black magic. But alas, this is a Sydney house spider bite, turned into a skin infection. And so I wait for the drugs to work their magic and the bite wound to heal, while I sit googling pictures of flesh eating spider bites to ease my mind. Currently, walking hurts and the only thing that fits on my foot is the Ginger Hunks Ugg Boot!


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