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‘That’ feeling again. Coming home to Asia

Bali wasn’t always in my travel plans but we had the opportunity to come and do some yoga, write and freedive. I am so glad we came.

I am on my first trip to Bali after spending many years returning to Thailand and Cambodia. Here I feel the same pull in my heart strings. We arrived on Thursday and spent four days in the mountains in Ubud before coming down to the East Coast of Candidasa. It is a stunning little beachside village by the hill, black sand beaches, chilled out vibe, not many tourists.

I love it here and felt the feeling of peace settle within my tummy after a couple of days, like it does every time I am in Asia. The tightness in my chest has lifted and I felt a little bit teary yesterday afternoon realising how wound up I was in Sydney. It’s just so busy. Don’t mistake the feeling that I describe to you as a holiday feeling. It feels like a deeper connection, like I am returning home after being away. I have had this feeling since I first went travelling at 22 and something keeps pulling me back here. It never seems like enough time, no matter how many visits.

The Ginger Hunk and I have talked a lot over the years of relocating for a while and we were deep in conversation last night at dinner, making plans and dreaming. He is a big dreamer too.

The biggest factor holding me back?

Fear. Money. Life. Routine.

It is easy to get trapped and think you have to live a certain way. Follow a certain path. I am slowly realising that the only path I have to make is my own. The only person stopping me from doing things is me.

I am blessed to have a glorious week ahead of me of yoga and thinking at Bali Bliss Retreats starting tomorrow.

So I shall be going ‘offline’ during this time. no Facebook, no blog, no email until Friday night.

Five days to reconnect with myself.

Don’t worry I will take notes (the paper kind) to share this journey with you all next week.

Have a great Sunday, and happy father’s day to all the Dads!

Ashleigh XXX

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