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Fitness friday: five tips for a healthy holiday

It’s Fitness Friday and I am currently in Bali. So here are my top five tips for a healthy holiday.

1. Avoid booze on the plane.  

This one can be a hard. It is very tempting to clock off from work, check in to the airport and down a few beers. Starting your holiday in booze town will only leave you feeling sluggish and dehydrated on arrival at your destination. It sounds lame for a honeymoon, but The Ginger Hunk and I did a round the world trip and stayed stone cold sober on all our plane trips. Not only did we sleep better on the long haul flights, but our jet lag discomfort on arrival and return was halved. (Sure we enjoyed some drinks when we reached our destination, but never on the plane.)

2. Stick to your usual routine and pre plan work outs

You might want to time your trip with a break from the gym, and that is fine if that is what is needed. But if you are going with a goal in mind or your holiday coincides with the middle of a health kick, get planning to avoid disappointment. Google running routes or bike rides, local gyms or yoga studios before you go. Work out which days you need to work out so they are planned into your week as you would do at home. For example, in Bali I know I need to do at least three short runs as part of my half marathon program. These are scheduled ahead in my travel itinerary with an idea of the routes I will take.

3. Enjoy one big meal a day – stick to greens otherwise

It is easy to overeat on holidays. Eating out all the time can be a quick way to add up unwanted calories that will take weeks to burn off. I have one meal that I really ‘enjoy’ and eat whatever I want, the other meals I try to be healthy. This might not always be possible, but eating green, simple salads, fruits and proteins for most of the day, and adding a carb meal once, will limit you feeling like you need your stretchy pants all the time, (and make you look forward to that glorious dinner!).

4. Embrace local activities 

I love having a go at what might be on offer locally when I am in a foreign destination. Try boxing in Thailand or Yoga in the jungle in Boracay. Check out what other people are doing and get amongst it. I always take my swimming cap and goggles in case there is the opportunity for an ocean swim over the coral. Make the most of your environment. Do what the locals do.

Ask where your hotel owner works out. You never know what you might find! This found me today hiking up a massive volcano at 2am!


5. Catch up on sleep 

I am a huge fan of the afternoon nap. I have one every day on holidays and I am not at all guilty about it. If you need a day to do nothing, then do it. Holidays are not meant to suck the life out of us, they are meant to rejuvenate and recharge our batteries for the year ahead.

Rest is so important for longevity, happiness and health. So soak this up as much as you soak up the action.

Have a great holiday! 

Ashleigh XXX

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