The end of year funk

It is that time of year again. Coles have their Christmas decorations out, and the other night driving through Manly I SWEAR I spied the first set of fairy lights.

My sister asked me yesterday what I was doing for New Years Eve.

New Years Eve?

Ummm nothing. 

I haven’t thought about New Years Eve very seriously since the year 2004.

Maybe walking to the pub at the end of my street?

At the beginning of the year I thought it was a good idea to take a month off from work in April.

Now I am tired. So very tired.

I am hanging for the 5th of December, when my big report is done, we pack the cat in the car with the bike and the husband (who can walk) and the para-glider and head up the coast.

In the last few weeks, life has been hectic. We have had a wedding in the Blue Mountains, a trip to Melbourne, and then The Husband’s hip surgery. It’s only getting worse with me having a procedure next week and the drop dead date of my work deadline looming ahead.

This is us looking roooly nice at the wedding a couple of weeks ago which was a 1920’s theme.

2014-09-27 17.46.44-1

And this is what it looks like when someone steps on your foot in a stiletto.

2014-09-28 14.57.53-1

I am trying my best to be a good wife and look after The Husband at the moment who is recovering from his surgery he had on Tuesday. It just so happens that I am not a very patient or calm carer, and I also suck at cooking after being fortunate enough to have two cooking partners for the last 10 years.

Luckily the Cat is onto it, she if full of sympathy and purrs.

She has barely left his side while I forget that yes I need to feed him on the way to work or Yoga. Opps.

Hats off to you, carers and single mums. Don’t know how you do it. Thank you Cat, for making me look all kinds of neglectful.

2014-10-14 18.22.11-1

2014-10-16 12.37.00

2014-10-19 12.30.50

Melbourne was fun although the work part was tiring.

I got to catch up with old friends and drink champagne and wear high heels. I managed to get some time for me before my meetings and went for a stunning morning run.

2014-10-11 16.11.31

2014-10-09 14.14.24-1

I purposefully chose to ignore World Mental Health Day on October 10th. I was in two day of meetings in Melbourne – talking about mental health. Then I stayed with a friend for the weekend talking about her family issues. I returned home to talk to my family and about their mental health. I answered calls from people asking where they can get help,  and worried about a friend of mine who is going through a very shitty time indeed.

I wrote a guest blog for another site about my own journey towards self care.

So despite the awareness campaigns and the glitzy tv shows I think people out there needing help just don’t know where to start. I am happy I am able to guide people in the right direction but for the sake of my own mental health, I just couldn’t bring myself to watch Mental As week last week on TV as well.

Sometimes I feel like I am living and breathing mental health.

Talk to me about something else, like cupcakes or fashion or flowers or coffee or cats.

Bring on the holidays ahead I say and a fresh start in 2015.

2014-10-05 08.26.05


Have you reached the end of year funk already? 


Are you over 2014?


Got any holidays planned?





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