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The End

The end of a year. It’s been a bit shit and a bit of a nothing year. I have spent a lot of this year sitting on my loins writing a big report that no one is going to read. Seven kilos later, antidepressants (which I am now weaning myself off) and The Husband sick with a bung hip for most of the year has not left the airspace free for many good times. Me wanting to write but spending my time going to a job that sucks. I am passionate about the subject matter so I am keen to wait it out, but the place is crazy. CrAzy… too many orders of food for the size of the kitchen and too many chefs… that kinda thing.

I know a few people who have struggled with 2014. Their health has been compromised. Marriages have broken up for a while or they have broken up completely. Work has been shit for a lot of people, redundancies are rife and the world has generally been shittier than ever. Cricketers dying, children being blown up in Pakistan, murder on my getaway island and the siege in Sydney around the corner from work. I feel like the pain in the world has hit a little close to home this year.



This little blog. And you, my readers. In a frenzy, everyone started reading when I first started writing, friends liked this page (thank you friends) and others have not read a single world and that is cool too, but now I feel like I am reaching out to more people… and the more I write…. the more ideas I get in my head… and the more I want to write. I haven’t made a single cent but it has been by far the best thing I have ever done. I have connected with some super amazing people online like Hugzilla and John Anthony James and have been always inspired by the amazing Eden Riley.  I have connected with and turned an online friend into a human friend (the amazing Bexy from Pussweek Magazine.) 

Who would have thought I have a twin? THE BEST KIND OF TWIN. A MARRIED CAT LADY TWIN.

I am super excited about my Women with Purpose project and am hoping to have the first post out mid January. I am in the process of redesigning my logo and I have some feature articles commissioned already for 2015 so you will see me in print! In a MAGAZINE IN PRINT.

What else is in store for the new year?

First of the rank is a health kick. Supported by Advanced Humanology, Emily Skye’s 28 Day Shred & F45 Training I am hoping to loose about 8 kilos in 12 weeks! Most of all, I want to give up the booze, regain my energy, and remind myself of my previous healthy ways. Yes, I know I am not fat, my body is wonderful and healthy and it works, and all its organs work and for that I am thankful – but I want to be my best me. Promise I won’t go crazy.

Second of all, maybe working part time. Just a day off. One glorious day a week to write. It’s all I want for Christmas. The Husband and I have built up a suitable buffer in our mortgage repayments,  the hecs debt is gone, we have no plans to immediately buy a huge house, or breed humans, so now is the time to take a risk to build up my freelance writing. I just need let go of the pay cut and get the gumption to ask the boss. Boss if you are reading this can I have one day off?

Third. Travel. Travel. Travel. And write. And Travel. At the end of my health kick, you will see me here in March on an amazing Bali Bliss Retreat! I have stared long and hard at my friends facebook page with wild green envy at her new business and permanent escape from the corporate world… and now I get to be jealous no more as I am finally going to take part in it and I shall take you all with me on the adventure! You will also read her story about how she changed her life in my Women with Purpose series. Mid year we are also headed to the Philippines in May for some Island hopping and the wedding of a dear friend of mine.

Later in the year I am hoping to travel to Cambodia to do some work for New Hope Cambodia and a blog campaign. Dad has done some electrical work for them over the last few years and I have been itching to go over  and help.

Four. The Cat Book. I have an idea about a children’s book. It’s a bloody awesome one. And right now, it’s sitting in my head. 2015 I need to get it out of my head and onto the page.

So that is it so far but boy I am ready for 2015.

Are you ready? Bring it on!

Are you going to join me?

Do you have exciting plans?




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