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I am writing this sitting on the bus to go to work on a SUNDAY. Kind of depressing but I would rather get stuff done today than stay late all week. My weeknights are important to me because if I can’t do training then I lose my shit and end up going to the land of the cray cray.

Anyway, this time next week I will be a semi free woman, free from the constraints of the report I have been working on this year #inthemostdisorganisedorganisationintheland.

On another note, when the faak did all the Christmas decorations come out? WHENNNN? I almost ripped them down in fear in the work lobby this week.

I am SO not ready for Christmas.

My mum starts getting ready for Christmas earlier and earlier each year. I swear this year she probably started in July. Last night she confirmed that she had in fact wrapped all the presents and had nothing else to do now except for plan the lunch for Christmas Day. We do the same thing each year.

I worry she may start setting the table tomorrow.

Anyone wanna do my shopping? It’s going to be an online spree or an emergency annual leave day the week before Christmas to get things done.

This morning I went for an ocean swim, with my dear friend ST who is racing an ironman in a few weeks. She has been training like a demon since we did our half ironman together  a year ago. I on the other hand have taken up writing, sitting on my arse and eating chocolate muffins like it is an endurance sport.

Once upon a time, we used to swim together and I could keep up the pace. This morning I had noo faaking chance in hell keeping up with her. She looks bloody amazing… she is going to kick arse.

Out of curiosity I weighed myself the other day (should have known better) for the first time since March. Not weighing yourself is an okay thing, if your routine does not change and if you can go a bit cray cray like I have been known to go in the past from the weigh in. For new readers to my meow, I used to be the obsessive type person who would weigh myself daily and GASP with a HORRIFIC sigh at the scales if they moved 200g in the wrong direction. Then I would try and squeeze out 200g of pee to remove said 200g. I have since realised my shit weighs more than 200g and I have better things to focus my time and energy on.

In the last few months, I have swapped salads for carbs, running for chocolate croissants and have taken to downing a bottle of wine on Friday nights to get over the weeks stress as my new favorite pastime. I fully acknowledge that I have not been taking care of myself in the food department, so I was not surprised to learn  that I have put on almost four kilos in the last six months.

I have been birthing a huge report, a blog and dealing with a shitty year. (Unlike my friend.who is birthing an ironman.)

So I can’t be ‘on it’ all the time. And that is okay, and something I would not have been able to say to myself 12 months ago.

The old me would have gone swiftly into starvation mode, signed up for Michelle Bridges, and gone completely bananas. But the new me, acknowledges that I have had a lot on my plate. I have still remained active and healthy, and over the next few months I will get back into the swing of things, bring my lunches again and get rid of my extra four kilos when I have space in my life.

I admit fully that I have swapped endurance events for Olympic muffin eating.

It has been quite a shitty year when I look  back on it. And a FAST year SOOO FAST. Wheerrreee haasss it gonnee?????

I feel like I am in a holding pattern sometimes, waiting for things to happen or get better or worse.

On reflection, I have achieved a lot of things in 2014.

Despite feeling like going nowhere or backwards sometimes, I have had a huge year of personal growth, in myself and in my relationship.

I am getting closer to living the life I want and realising my purpose.

Who would have thought that 71 blog posts have come out of my little brain this year, after not writing anything for many years besides health reports.

I have solid goals for 2015, exciting trips planned, an idea for a picture book and money saved in the bank.

The husbands career is kicking it and I have managed to make new writing friends in between all that muffin eating.

Bring on 2015 I say!

Are you in a slump this week?



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