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The Seasons of Creativity

July 10, 2017

I went through a phase a few months ago where I had literally zero creative ideas in my head. Nothing. I thought my writing days were over. I went through a (short) phase when I even thought I would delete this blog. Then I thought what’s the point in that? At the very least, it can remain on the internet for someone one to find something useful, whether it be a childfree resource, some travel tips, or a cat story to make someone laugh. And at the very, very least, I joked with The Ginger Hunk that he will be able to read it to me like the notebook, when we are old and grey and I have lost all my marbles.

Primarily, I decided to keep it going and write this blog when I feel like it for me, because it makes me feel full, happy and inspired. I feel a bit naked without it. Then if other people get something from it, and learn a little then that is great too. (Actually, that’s more than great.) After a season of non creativity, I’m enjoying (or getting stressed by) a season with too many ideas and too little time.

I’m pitching stories, developing a new business and keeping this blog going. I’m tired fitting it in with the day job, but I’m happy.

I digress from the point of this post. This thought about seasons of creativity came into my head when my Mum announced to me the other day that she was “over” knitting. She told me she is going to focus on cross stitch and swiftly throw out all her wool because knitting takes her too long. We had a chat and talked about seasons of interests. Sometimes you might want to knit. And sometimes you might want to cross stitch. Sometimes I might blog, other times write articles, pursue new projects, or sit on my arse and do nothing (because there is a season of non-creativity and nesting too, lets face it). Last week I even had a very random thought about learning how to crochet. Crochet isn’t my thing at all and I have never been into it. But as nanny could do it, and mum could do it, the buck stops with me unless my niece picks it up. And I do fantasize about sitting in front of the television and MAKING something useful that someone could use. (Better than scrolling on the phone.)

So the seasons of my creative life so far have taken me from poetry, to short stories, to ceramics, to drawing, blogging, picture book drafting, profile writing, to travel writing and perhaps next to the knitting needle. Maybe one day, I’ll even write a book.

It’s all about following your curious and enjoying the seasons.

Where will the next season take you?

Much Love,  Ashleigh XXX

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  • I’m hugely into 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles at the moment. Don’t know if it’s creative coz I don’t really “create” anything. But I find it hugely enjoyable and rewarding!

  • Hugzilla

    Oh my god this was me earlier this year. I think I went for 4 or 5 months without posting and was just about ready to throw it all in. It was the worst creative rut I have had in a long time. Then I had this weird thought about what people would say about me at my funeral (I had some cancer stuff happening with both parents so mortality was obviously on the mind…). I realised that my writing is such a big part of me and that it was foolish to walk away from it. So I have been back ever since. I make sure I post once a week even though it might not meet my exacting standards. Better the crap post that makes it to the blog than the perfect one that never sees the light of day. TL DR; I get it!

  • I really love this, it’s exactly what creativity is. There are most definitely seasons for it, and sometimes they come back around after a long time (for instance I do one day plan to knit again, just not now!).Working in a creative field I’ve definitely discovered that when it comes to creativity there is no right or wrong way of doing things, and there will be times when I’m super inspired, and times when I just want to sit on the lounge and binge watch all the shows. But I think those times of not being inspired are actually our brains way of working on that creativity & inspiration in the background and getting us prepared and open for all of the new ideas that are going to burst forth down the track.

  • I go through phases like that, too. I just keep chugging along. Some weeks I just write and write. Even if it’s crap. Just to get the jumble out. It helps.

  • Totally agree with this (and the bag of granny squares hiding in a cupboard agrees as well while it waits for me to find my way back to crochet them into a blanket I started years ago). I believe in following where your heart leads. Try the crochet and if it does not feel good let it go. I enjoy it but keep moving to other things and then forget everything I learned

  • I wanted to learn to knit or crochet (whichever is easier haha) but that’s one of my …to do things when I feel more stable and energetic.

  • I found myself in a time in my life where I crave my creative time, but cannot find the time to be creative. I have made time in my life for reading again, which has been sadly lacking for the last few years, but creativity seems to elude me at this point.

  • Even though I’m not very creative I love the idea of creative seasons. My neighbour taught me how to knit because I didn’t pay enough attention to nana when she tried to teach me when I was a kid, and yes, I too would love to learn how to crochet. I think once you’ve tapped into something creative, there’s something really reassuring knowing that you can walk away from it, but you can always go back to it too. It’s like an eternal creative flame, just sometimes it burns brighter than others!