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Ohhh I’m in a funk of sorts. Part virus, part that-time-of-the-month, part exhaustion. Yesterday I went for a little walk at lunch with a weird stomach and I thought the air might help, stood up and immediately felt so dizzy. Sweat was pouring down my back, my legs felt suddenly heavy. I had to sit on the side of the road and I wondered for a while if I would need help to get back to the office. Sat at the computer screen for a while in blankness feeling horrible and decided to come home. I’ve basically been asleep since. My body feels all sorts of achy. Crinkly neck, sore muscles (not the exercise kind), and no matter how hard I try to get comfortable in bed, I can’t because something cracks. Off to the Osteo tonight to get sorted.

I feel end of year tired and it’s only February. I think it’s cause I went straight from the back of a massive work project into The Ginger Hunk’s 40th. I wasn’t feeling great last weekend and was onto the throat spray and pain killers during his party.  Sigh. First world problems I know. It is only 9 weeks until I go on long service leave to Bali. No traffic. No office. Just walking, sweating, yoga and freediving for six glorious weeks. I need to get my healthy mojo back as soon as possible because lord knows I will be thankful that I shifted the last five kilos before I spend a month basically in swimwear with a bunch of strangers! Did I tell you I stopped my protein only diet? I was having eerrrr some issues that I won’t describe here and decided it was not sustainable for me long term. So now I have switched to the Total wellbeing diet, kind of a Michelle Bridges type thing, a little more balance, and it’s endorsed by the CSIRO. But last week was a week of drinking and eating and not of any kind of wellbeing. So here is to a quiet weekend, and back on track on Monday, and hopefully rid of this “meh”.

How was this week for you?

Did you not notice Valentine’s Day at all like we did?

Much Love, 


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