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This Busy Life

What a difference a couple of weeks can make in this busy life. Honestly, one month ago I felt like a different person. I was heading to the office each day with that churning feeling. Training hard, then hitting the wine every night to calm myself down and in doing so I wasn’t making any progress with my fitness. Since arriving in Bali last weekend, I have been in a car a total of three times, a huge change from my 2.5 hours of commuting to and from work every day.

Some other things to add…

  • I have been walking everywhere, as well as doing some kind of sport (the relaxing kind), everyday
  • I can count the number of drinks I have had on one hand
  • I have eaten so much more fruit and veggies
  • I am waking each day with energy not exhaustion
  • My eyes are bright and my skin is clear
  • I do not feel bloated
  • I have not had one headache
  • I do not feel anxious.

Of course I feel like this you say. I am in Bali. But should life be so hectic that the recovery is so dramatic?

Is this busy life we lead any good for us at all?

Firstly, we spend all our days sitting. In cars or buses. Then at the desk. Then the rush home amongst the traffic and fumes to cook something in a frenzy then sit again in front of the TV. You might squeeze some exercise in (if you’re lucky), then sit. Eat and sit. You might go out for dinner with friends on the weekend (if you can afford it). Then eat. Sit and drink. (Apparently, spending your life sitting is the biggest killer of them all.)

Then you go back to work on Monday so you can do it all over again.


Because we (or I have anyway) have been brought up to believe that life is like this. It is normal. 

Must work. Must save. Pay mortgage. Stay busy. Stay on the treadmill. 

But what did I have to show for all that time sitting in an office? A holiday once or twice a year. And a whole lot of stress, flu and tonsilitis.

So, what if we opted out of this busy Sydney life and lived over here for just a while?

There’s a lot of people doing it.

It’s like they are in on a secret.

What if we lived simply to enjoy each day and not be a “vessel for money coming in and out” (as one guy who moved over here describes it.)

What do you think? 

Is is possible (or tell her she’s dreaming? )

Have you had a sea change away in this busy life? 

Happy Sunday XXX

Ashleigh XXX

Ps. This view is brought to you by Villa Bukit Segara, Amed, Bali 

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