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The Drunken Facial

I have come home a bit drunk tonight and realised that THURSDAY is BLOG DAY.


So now I have limited time to recreate something magical and inspirational in my tipsy state.

And it all started because I had a facial.

Then I felt sooo relaxed and zen like that I  proceeded to fill my skin with toxins by consuming a bottle of wine afterwards.

And now I find myself feeling “saturday drunk” on a thursday night.


The positive self talk comes in – Running day is now a Wednesday – this means that Thursday is now a day of dedicated rest and celebration?


Anyway I digress… what is it with facials?

By the time I finished I was in a mesmerised zen like state, stumbling out of the salon with the my new brazilian lady therapist friend Cecilia . (My new Best. Friend. Forever.)

She convinced me that the way to eternal skin and youth was to buy this set of items(see below).

Looking into her beautiful supple glowing friendly face I believed her with all my heart.

(I even got the fourth item FREE….Because I bought THREE. So I SAVED myself money – RIGHT?)


So I can continue to have a smooth forehead like this…



She used some kind of magical exfoliating dentist like skin brush.

I  must say I feel glowing and radiant (though somehow poor at the same time.)

Does this shit actually work?

What is your skin routine?

(Runs and hides said skincare purchases in case the Husband actually reads this blog for the first time ever.)


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