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Waiting for rain in Ubud

I’m in Ubud. It’s not the wonderful start. I am hot with a sore butt. It’s not my butt exactly. But SOMETHING has bitten me on the lower part of my back. I’m petrified because I only noticed it after the plane ride, and I am wondering if it is going to turn into my white tail (maybe) cellulitis spider bite saga which happened in June? Off I went to the clinic this morning, and have been put on antibiotics pronto, and now I am just chilling, trying to not wear pants or get hot. (Which is kind of hard and awkward.)

But, here I am in UBUD!  There couldn’t be a nicer place to sit around half-naked.

Penesatan is only accessed by cute little walkways through the rice fields. On ‘my’ walkway there are some cool little places to eat, and Intuitive Flow yoga studio which I am going to go to tonight. Ruth is my kind of person and I knew this right away. A big hearted retired Aussie who found her peace in Bali, she welcomed me like an old friend. Ruth lives in this gorgeous little villa on a hill with her three cats, Mama Puss, Nidhi and Simba (who snuggled me in bed last night.) We instantly bonded after I read her laminated instructions which included information on her cats. I may never leave.


This week I am planning to chill out, heal this bite, do some yoga, and finish my children’s book course.

Did I tell you I wrote a children’s story last week?

A second story (not MY original story that I love) and (unlike the story I love) my teacher thinks that ‘publishers will love it’ and ‘this should be pursued!’

Wow. So now I am thinking of letting Sashi Cat and the fish truck sit for a little while, and push on with ‘not for girls.”

Anyway I must be off to do my rain and bum dance.

Lots of love,

Ashleigh XXXX

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