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What Makes A Good Job?

I had a revelation yesterday on the bus home. I actually like my job. In the past I’ve felt frustrated that “work” is taking me away from “writing work”. I had a grand plan to go part-time, help The Ginger Hunk re-build his business and write 1-2 days a week. This year hasn’t happened that way. We are still waiting for surgery, and are on one income now. Thus I have had to increase my hours to four days, then full-time. Freelance work just wasn’t enough to survive on. I am still waiting on 8 articles to be published, and payment for some of them for work that I completed earlier in the year. But something happened to me in the meantime. I realised I don’t mind my job. For the first time in a long time I seem to be in the place with the perfect role, people and project. Here are five things I think that make a good job.

Being trusted

I have worked with different types of management. Those that micro manage and those that say nothing and change all your work. Both are not conducive to learning, or productivity. I feel frozen and like an idiot in the micro-managing situation and that my 12 years of experience and my voice counts for nothing. I’ve realised over the year the micro-managing type says a lot about them and nothing about me. Being trusted to get on with work, and ask for advice if needed, is a big plus for me.

Feeling like you are making a difference  

In social work, and mental health you can often feel like you are going around in circles. I’ve hit my head against a wall with clients and faced many barriers in the past. I’ve had a lot of jobs when I actually couldn’t help people with what they needed due to lack of services. Having something chunky to implement in suicide prevention which you know is going to make a difference to people experiencing mental health issues makes a huge contribution to feeling like you’re making an impact.

Being surrounded by nice people, where you can be yourself 

Some people are just not nice in the workplace. They have either worked in a place for too long and need to move on, or just hate work. It is nice to come to a place where on the surface at least, people are smiley and happy. They say hello and express genuine care. There is also a lot of cat people, which helps. I’m totally myself at work. I share a lot of myself, as I do on this blog. I talk about my cats and My Ginger Hunk and my passions. I also get my work done. That is just me. I hate it when I feel I can’t be myself.

Being busy, (but not crazy busy)

There is a fine line here. You want the days to go fast, but not too fast so you feel like you’re not achieving anything. Busy at a sustainable level makes the days go fast and remain interesting.

So, this is me, full-time again till 2017! 

But never fear I will still be writing on the side. 

What about you? Love or Hate work? 

Ever found the perfect balance?

Love Ashleigh XXX

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