Webjet Voucher Winner Announced!

Thank you guys for all the great tips you added to my blog post – 8 ways to save on travel – there is some I will be stealing for sure!

The Ginger Hunk, who as you know if you follow my blog, due to injury is not working at the moment, was pleased to get his brain ticking over judging all your advice (with no help from me, promise).

The short list for the top travel tips included:

Jo from @You had us at hello 

“My top tip is leave your house immaculate. I’m talking fridge, freezer, laundry, bathroom – everything. It eases the sadness of the end of our holiday. Walking into your favourite space with all your favourite furnishings and favourite people is just THE BEST!! Then there’s no guilt flopping on the couch and reminiscing the fab holiday you just had.”


“We often stay in hotels Sunday night -Thurs as they’re cheaper. Or book bigger house and split costs with another family”

Sanch Living Life 

“I haven’t been a big traveller but one thing I’ve always found handy — have you own medical supplies — from Panadol to ibuprofen to prescription drugs, take them all! As someone who gets hit with sinus problems and fevers whenever I travel, this has always come handy” 

But, The Ginger Hunk has deemed the winner @Ross12 with his nifty advice, no matter what budget you are travelling on! 

“If catching a taxi on arrival head upstairs to departures and grab a taxi that has just dropped off a passenger. Result: no queues and a much happier taxi driver!”

So it is happy long weekend to you @Ross12! 

A $150 Webjet Voucher is on its way to you! 

Much Love Ashleigh XXX

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