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At the moment I feel like I’ve gone into a little hole. A good hole mind you. Work is really busy, but slowing down for the year. I’m still on my health kick (5 kilo going strong), and last weekend I did a Vedic meditation course. More on that later, but I’ve been practicing twice a day since. The Ginger Hunk and I feel like we have a new lease on life, now that his surgery has been approved for the 9th of December. We really don’t care that he will spend the best part of summer recovering. I’ve earmarked the day that the doctor said he can walk on the sand! We’ve been organising the house, buying Christmas presents, thinking about our career goals for the next few years, and have a new-found energy.

It is a shit thing having your life on hold.

So I haven’t been blogging, or creating much these days. I’ve been doing a lot of inward focussing, rather than putting things out into the world. Which I think was much-needed! I’ve declared a little writing strike until I have the remaining seven pieces I’m waiting to get published out,  although I just had this lovely piece published on our travels to Vietnam.

I will be going back to working four days in the new year, to help The Ginger Hunk get his business back on track.

There’s a weekend in Byron with some very special friends to look forward to this weekend, a couple of drinks between now and Christmas, and two glorious weeks off with my man and my cats, helping him recover.

What about you at this time of year? 

Looking in?

Or still pumping out? 

Much Love,

Ashleigh XX

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