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4 Reasons to travel with your grown-up family

September is rolling around quickly, and so it is the long awaited fabulous and forty trip to Vietnam with my sister. I’m a little nervous, having not been on a solo trip with my sister, for… well forever. We went to Croatia with our significant others in 2007, but a lot of things have happened since then. Babies, marriages, new careers, dealing with ageing parents. We have had one on one time of course, but not for long, and  it is always for an occasion. I’m looking forward to just being and chilling with her with no real plans. Earlier this year, I went to Bali with my almost 70 year old Dad in June, which was very special indeed. Here are 4 reasons you should consider travelling with your grown up family.

1.  You’ll never have this time again

One thing I have realised in recent times is that life is short and unpredictable. Anything can happen just around the corner. Travelling with your parents or brother/sister as adults cherishes the time we have now, and the journey you have taken on your relationship to where you are now. Health, children, cats, and this thing we call life can throw a spanner in the works at any time. We are all pressured in this busy, busy life. If you have the opportunity to take the time out with your family, then do it.   

2. You can show them what you love (and vice versa)

Coming together as grown ups isn’t the same as being dragged around on a trip with your parents when you’re a kid. You can make your own decisions about the activities you want to do. You have time to enjoy, share and learn about each others passions and interests. When my Dad came with me to Bali, he was adamant he wasn’t going to watch me do this thing called freediving. With a little coaxing from my instructor, Dad came out to the line with us, had a go himself, and got to 15m on his first try. (Show off.) He also learned why I like it, and after watching has declared to my mum that it is not as dangerous as it seems. 

3. You will have time to just be with your siblings/parents 

It is not often that we have a chance to just be in each others company without actually doing anything. Travelling gives the opportunity for that idle conversation with your family in the bar or at the airport. Real conversation, that isn’t task focused or time limited, like at someone’s birthday, or at the pressures of Christmas lunch. It is the moments of peace and acceptance of just being, that we actually become closer.

4. You’re old enough to do your own thing (if you want to)

There is no one you know better than your sister or parents, aside from your own partner or child, so if you need a sleep, guess what, you can say it out loud! No need to be polite about it. As a thirty something year old, there is no need to be pressured into doing something you’re not up for, nor be scared about walking around a foreign town solo.

Have you travelled with your parents or siblings as an adult?

Any tips?

Ashleigh XXX

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