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Basic etiquette reminder 101

So many good suggestions about etiquette on my facebook page today here are my top 8 rants.. what else pisses you off?

When you receive a gift in the post 

Bother to pick it up from the post office.

Call your friend to say thanks.

When you have a wedding 

Send a thank you card (within a few months).

Do not have a kitchen tea, an engagement party and a hens weekend away.

Your friends will be bankrupt and bitch about you for months.

When you attend a wedding 

Do not go empty handed.

A gift does not have to cost a lot, but it is the thought that counts. I feel this is the same for birthdays and engagements. If it is a celebration of something, you should turn up with something.

When you are on the bus/ train

Stand up for pregnant chicks and elderly people.

Do not talk loudly on your phone.

If you are a man there is no need to sit with your legs WIDE open.

Join the back of the line at Wynyard ( don’t act like you don’t know where it starts).

Say thank you to the bus driver.

When you are in the lift 

Stand AT THE BACK if you are getting off at the top floor.

Do not sneeze, fart or look sideways at people.


If someone is pregnant.

Why they have not had a baby.

When you have a baby  

Please serve alcohol at your baby shower,  your child’s first birthday, christening and all events children related.

I am on the fence about a registry here. There has been some debate and a woman recently who emailed her friends who could not attend asking for gifts caused a major uproar.  While I am sure that the registry prevents someone receiving 27 muslin wraps I am not sure how I feel about it. Martha Stewart has a whole guide here.  In the olden days it was about the ladies sharing advice, rather than a gift giving frenzy.

When you go to someones house for dinner 

Do not take the half drunk wine home that you brought with you.

Do not turn up empty handed.

When you go for a run 

Ladies, wear a good bra  and

Men, put something over your skin shorts. Everyone does not want to see your junk as glorious as you think it might be.


What else pisses you off? Do you think we have lost basic etiquette in our society?

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