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A feel good customer service story….

Last week I traveled on the E85 bus.

The machine ate my ticket. I was not impressed. I had six trips left and it was non pay week. I was annoyed at having to buy a new ticket outside of my usual routine. I ranted at the bus driver thinking he had a magical device to open the ticket machine. He did not.

He told me to ring the bus depot or use 131500 and my ticket would be replaced.


Anyway after I arrived home I put in a complaint online on 131500 because I could not be faaked sitting on the phone for ages.

Here is my complaint:

> Details/comments: The ticket Machine at my travel 10 which had about 6 or 7 MY BUS 3 trips remaining. The driver said he was taking the bus back to Mona Vale Depot and the ticket would be taken out of the machine then.I was on the E85 Bus from Wynard to Mona Vale bus Number 1914 at 4.35pm.

Please get my ticket back and post it to me at the below address.

And then the response. (OVERNIGHT I might add).

On 13/05/2014 1:09 PM, customer_service@sta.nsw.gov.au wrote:

> Ashleigh
> Thank you for your email regarding your captured MyBus3 travelten in bus 1914.
> I have sent your details to our ticketing department for a replacement ticket, sending to 1/15 Stuart Street, COLLAROY, 2097.
> I apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.
> Regards
> Mona Vale Contact
> STA Customer Relations


And then TODAY, here is what arrived! My new bus ticket. Even in a little case!Β 




Onya Transport NSW πŸ™‚

You just made a Β cranky lady intoΒ a happy customer.

On another note about customer service, I saw a new GP this week after getting sick of waiting 1 million hours at my old one.

Medical care in my opinion should be a right, but doctors do get paid regardless and we have a choice where to go. I felt I was not getting what I (or medicare) was paying for. Β I felt my GP was not interested in me anymore because I was not 85 or a toddler. She was always squishing things in before and after me and I never felt she was fully listening when I eventually got into see her. The final straw was booking the first appointment in the morning and being left waiting while other people rushed in and phone calls were made for FORTY FIVE MINUTES. Eventually I gave up and told the receptionist that I had to go to work.

So the verdict on the new GP; well she was a wee bit late, BUT FULLY explained why. (A sick kid at Bear cottage so how can one remain angry?). THEN she continued to Β actually listen to me, not rush me AT ALL, nor refer me elsewhere and gave my problem the care and attention as if she had all the time in the world. She told me she only works two days a week so if I met someone else I connected with and wanted to see that would not be a problem for her.

No nice lady GP, I want to see you now and forever, because you actually LISTENED.

Good customer service is not about being perfect, nor on time, but it is about acknowledging error, rectifying mistakes, being HONEST about what you can and can’t offer other humans and actually listening to the persons needs.

Thanks to Transport NSW and my new GP for restoring my faith in good old fashioned customer service…


Do you have a good customer service story?

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