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A time to reset – and shine in 2016

I need to write to explain my silence. I haven’t been writing because I have been getting so organised for 2016!

(Well, I did write one thing, but you have to stay tuned for what that is when it comes out in print!)

Anyway, I digress.

Back to the organisation. We have cleaned our WHOLE house. Not just a cupboard.


(Which is not by the way a house, and is only a two bedroom apartment, but man can a lot of shit accumulate in three years.)

It has not been this clean since we moved in.

It actually feels like a NEW house!

We have sold all our old furniture on Ebay; a bookcase, chest, shelves, and our couch. New items arriving.

I have thrown out around ten garbage bags of stuff, plus a carload to vinnies, and a stall at the markets for Cantoo.

There’s been a trip to the tip and one more to come.

If you have not been up to date, I got brainwashed over Christmas reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying.

Now the book is passed onto my sister, whose husband can now suffer, as The Ginger Hunk has.

We have one more thing to get through, and that is the garage.

It is diabolical.

The last frontier of hoarding. The place of ‘storing’ for the future.

The best thing about getting rid of things, is that I am proud to announce that I have a desk! At last, space for me, for writing.

Although the dining table has birthed many a story, now is the time to buckle down. Here is my little baby!


The laundry and the hoarding cupboard have even had a go-over.


As has the furniture. (Note for next time, do not sell said furniture before you replace.) It has been great washing the walls though!


And for the last frontier, before I am fully into working mode come next week, is my vision book to work through for 2016.

I am working through the “shining year” note book and diary by Leonie Dawson.


I’ll be doing some part-time contract work, hitting the gym, pushing my freelance feature and travel writing business, and submitting some children’s books.

I’ve set some intentions, now it is time to make them real!

Anyone else got butterflies in their tummy for 2016?

I think turning 35 is going to be the best year yet!

Let’s do it!

Ashleigh XXX 

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