August Reflections

Where did it go? What a whirlwind.

The month of August started with Problogger. I met the lovely Melissa Hugzilla and we spent two days learning about all things blogging. I came away from the weekend actually a little resolved NOT to blog as much as I have been, and work on my children’s book over summer. All in all the weekend was about following your passions and your message. (I also got to fan girl my favourite bloggers, Eden Riley and Mrs Woog, so that was nice.)

Afterwards of course, (as I have every time I have been away this year), I ended up sick with a cough. Missed another week of running and F45 to round up the worst month of running and fitness to date. Came back to work the following week, to the news that we had lost a friend. This was an apt reminder that our time can be up at any time.  Life is short. We are only here for a good time, not a long time. The experience made me resolve to live out my bucket list as soon as I can, and not wait for anything.

Dave has new wings and is flying now, somewhere out there.

On a positive note, I have cracked a new publication and I will be writing five articles for International Living over the next three months. I am submitting a second piece to Australian Family tonight, and my travel story that I could not find a home for is going to be gloriously in print in Travel Play Live in December! This makes so me happy and after 18 months of hard slog, regular income is finally happening.

I still love my little space on the web here to get my thoughts out, so I need to work out a way forward to fit it all in.

Despite my lack of training, I managed to make 17km on Saturday and sat next to Hugh Jackman at breakfast.

Yes I did. And he was very spunky in the flesh.

Tonight I pack for Bali on Wednesday. A 12 day trip of writing, yoga and freediving. It will be some much needed recovery and offline time for me and The Ginger Hunk, to wave goodbye to the shitty long winter, and embrace good times ahead. We have not much planned for this trip which is just what we need.

How was your August?

Spring is just around the corner!

Ashleigh XXX

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