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If I wasn’t afraid I would…

At the beginning of the year Rebecca Campbell from The Spirited Project asked me to write down the 10 things that I would do if I was not afraid during one of her amazing workshops.

I diligently scrawled some stuff down and on the weekend I found the piece of paper where  I wrote these 10 dreams four months earlier. I was surprised at how subconsciously  far I have traveled this year towards doing the all the things that I would do if I was no longer afraid.

Now I share my dreams with you.

 If I wasn’t afraid I would…

Live in Thailand. I am not there yet, but after six trips I am totally in love with the place. I feel both peace and connection there. When I arrive it  feels as though I am arriving home. I cry every time I leave.  I am convinced I have a deeper purpose and reason for being there other than that the fact that it is a great holiday destination. Husband and I are working on our master plan to be able to spend more time there with a ‘research’ trip next month.

Start a blog (TICK). Thank you for reading!

Get another cat.  Now, this is always going to be on my ‘to do’ list, because one cat is never quite enough for a cat lady. BUT at the moment I want to stay married and I really like my husband. So for the time being a second cat will have to wait. Poor kitty.

Enter a full ironman. Hmmm, like leaving Thailand, I cry every time I watch an ironman finishing video so I am sure I am getting closer and this will be me one day. I want to be an ironman. I want to hear Mike Reilly  calling my name on the finish line. I don’t care how many hours I take. I am googling events and find myself at the stage that psychology would call ‘pre motivation.’ Achieving this goal means shifting some other priorities in my life which I am not sure that I have the space for just yet.

Write more (TICK).

Do more art. I actually was an arty little girl growing up rather than a sporty little girl. During my twenties and thirties I have expended all my leisure time throwing myself into sports related pursuits. Which isn’t a bad thing, but I used to love drawing, ceramics and poetry. Watch this space for more creative adventures.

Start my own business.  Seeds are sown and pitches have been made but I can’t spill the story.

More to another country for a year. No immediate progress here, but life is long. Girlfriends and I have many great plans for retirement that include Italy, cats and olives. (Sorry husbands.)

 Volunteer overseas. This is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do with my social work and public health stuff but never had the self-gumption nor the support from a partner – but this year it seems that I have both. I may have the opportunity to do some mental health work in Cambodia with my family in December. Stay tuned.

Jump off something high. Notice how  this is the last thing on my top ten list? I spend my weekends watching the husband BASE jump and para-glide. Now by default I look at which way the wind is going to check if it is the right wind for jumping.  It puts the fear of death into me. I dislike space and air and falling. I realise that this is a goal I am not going to get anywhere with unless I take action myself (and if I don’t I will have nothing ever to write in this section), so I just told the jumping husband maybe skydiving is in order for my birthday this year. GULP.

 What would you do tomorrow if you were not afraid?

 I dare you to write it down and watch the magic happen. 

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