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When dreams are hard work

September 27, 2015

This week I have gone back to work full time. Full time. Why? Am I an idiot? Well I need to get out another big report by June next year. I am working with a new team, and decided that I would be more stressed being there less. I also worked out the money I could save in 18 months with the extra cash, and this will basically fund my plans for extended travel in 2017.

I plan to work a nine day fortnight so this will help but I need to get in a strict routine during the week.  This poses a bit of a challenge for me, because suddenly I have become a busier writer than ever. (Which is awesome I might add, after two years of hard slog!) I have five deadlines with International Living Magazine (profile and travel pieces) taking me up until January, a freediving piece for Australian Geographic Outdoor Magazine and and a piece for the ‘you wish’ section of Get Lost Magazine.

I have also been asked to join Air Asia’s bloggers network and to be interviewed for a podcast on being childfree.

The travel stuff is taking me back to Bali in December, with the Ginger Hunk to write three stories. This is our first junket together where we will actually earn as well as having the trip for free. I am super chuffed.  (Plus it feels awesome to be in the organising end, not the “I am jealous you’re going away ” end of the relationship for once.)

Then I have you, my little blog, my sacred space on the interweb to get things out… and I ain’t giving you up!

This is very exciting news, but literally ALL happened last week when I decided to go back to work full time.

I was dreaming about freediving and how I can return to Bali. And then ALL THIS STUFF HAPPENED.

Thanking the universe this week (it is good like that) for giving me a huge reminder to follow my dreams.

And all good stuff in life comes after hard work, right?

Any tips for me about how I can organise my life?

Happy Sunday

Ashleigh  XXXXX



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  • So pleased all your hard work has come to fruition and that the universe recognises your hard graft too and has royally delivered! Having worked part time for almost 18 months now, the thought of full time work makes me feel quite twitchy. I always wonder how I fit everything in when I was working full time, but I did. You’ll be fine – where there’s a will, there’s a way, and if you love your job and work with cool people like you do, then it’s almost a pleasure to go to work, right?!

  • Wow…sounds like it’s going to be full on for you in a good way. 9 day fortnights…I wish I could have that permanently! It’s great how the universe has listened to you. 🙂 Good luck with it all! x

    • Not really sure how it is going to happen! I feel my anxiety rising a little! Anyway… We will figure it out