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July Reflections

What a blur last month was!

Overall, it was much better than June. The Ginger Hunk had his knee operated on a couple of weeks ago and is doing much better. It feels as though he has been on the couch for months. Well he has, (despite occasional resurfacing for a few exciting things like the doctor and surgery.)

#By the way I am not wearing a nurse outfit, nor does he have a bell, as a bloke at my gym suggested.

He can cook again (THANK GOODNESS). Cooking is not my forte which is not very wifely of me.

Work has been understanding and I have been able to spend a bit of time working from home to help him.

I have been super tired trying to fit everything in. Naps have been frequent. (So have headaches.)

On the writing point; it has been very busy.

I finished my three articles on El Nido, Boracay and freediving, and now they are in editors hot little hands, (or somewhere sitting in their inboxes) awaiting publishing. I will be writing a piece for International Living Magazine while I am in Bali, and I am due to finish another piece for Australian Family before I go. It feels to good to be getting work – the printed kind.  This writing business seems to be a time game so you just have to keep putting yourself out there. I used to get all antsy and now I just hit the send button on a pitch and move right along.

In summer I plan to have a break from the articles to concentrate on my book, (watch this space).

On the blogging sphere, I am off to my first big super dooper blogging conference in two weeks! I am both scared and excited at the same time. When I started writing this blog I had a whole 300 visitors. Last month, the My Meow community hit over 1700 visitors. I was super excited, so thank you all for supporting me, and enjoying my writing. Be sure to like My Meow on Facebook too!

I have been on my F45 challenge, and made some considerable changes. I have had a couple of wines and a cheat meal per week. (Okay so this might have been a bit more when we had the dislocation of the knee to contend with, but I am on track now.) I am eating a bit of bread, but I needed to with half marathon training. So I have been consistently doing two to three F45 sessions, two runs and a yoga. I am feeling much brighter and sleeping better as a result. I have not weighed in because my goal is to buy new jeans and feel great in my bikini again – it is not about the scales. I have noticed at the gym is that I am able to do bench bunny hops without a break now! Plus my running pace is back where I was last year.

Highlights of the month….

Getting my business cards, running with Cantoo, trying my first Mary’s burger, and going to the Cat Cafe!

2015-07-24 19.31.52 2015-07-28 18.35.53 2015-07-22 17.19.12 2015-07-25 07.20.11

2015-08-01 17.38.24





Lowlights: The Ginger Hunk having surgery (again) for the fourth time in two years. (But as you can see he always looks pretty happy.)

Bring on Problogger in two weeks and Bali Bliss Retreats in four.

Happy Sunday,

Ashleigh XXX 

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