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March – Meh

I never dreamed that by going four days a week that I would make myself BUSIER THAN EVER. Don’t know how this happened.

Since I instigated this ‘I am not going to write for free besides the blog’ policy I have actually had more commissions than ever.

Which is kinda exciting. Actually it’s VERY exciting!

Mildred published my first travel piece on Koh Tao and I am super excited to be covering two more destinations for them in the Philippines in May. I have an article about grandparents soon to be out in my first print mag, Australian Family . So it is all happening!

YES, I said to an acting up opportunity at work and also to partake in some casual social work for The Reach Foundation.

I am missing the human to human contact, so this should be exciting. But it’s all time-consuming.

The Ginger Hunk and I have four trips between us in the next five weeks in between organising floorboards and new carpet!

I am feeling like we are creatures in the night that pass by. But soon we will be here, being romantic and stuff.

All this adds up and I collapsed in a heap last Sunday with tonsillitis only to pull myself out of the darkness now.

So my little blog and my readers, forgive me for neglecting you! I do love the time we spend together.

I’ll be back with the Women with Purpose Project soon and be blogging this year from some cool locations.

(Including the PROBLOGGER conference with Hugzilla!)

Happy Easter y’all have a great one, and enjoy the extra hour sleep!

I will be F45ing, booking some travel, and generally just chilling! 

What are you up to? Anything fancy? 


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