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Project Update – Hotels With Cats

I’ve been busy burrowing away at my new project and not much time for this blog. I am sorry but I am pleased to report that I am still alive and happy! It’s one of those times in life when everything is going well in writing land and my head is full of creative ideas after a really long slump. My mental health job that I am doing is going great guns (4 days a week), lovely supportive team and I have both trust and creative licence (a nice feeling in a Government job) and I am burning the candle at both ends working on Hotels With Cats, jotting down ideas for my book, and working on a big interesting report. And headed overseas in 11 days. But all good things. Right?

Sometimes you have nothing, and sometimes everything happens all at once. So I have to go with the flow and enjoy it.

So, apparently, Hotels With Cats is turning into a bigger deal than I imagined. And there are so many POSH Hotels With Cats.  And so many Hotels With Cats. I’m planning a world trip to basically pet cats in five-star resorts in the next few years. These cats are onto something. I have a clear plan now for my next life. I was aiming to be a cat with a crazy old cat lady but these cats have allowed me to reach for higher goals. Five-star all the way it is.

From left to clockwise around the right in the feature image, we have Cap Maison resort, St Lucia, where a prawn munching cat called Davidson lives, we have Dolphinfish (who might be my favourite look at his feet) from Seawall Apartments Adelaide, Oreo from The Armstrong Hotel in Fort Collins  and Skabenga from The Oyster Box in South Africa. Credit to all the hotels for sending me these images with permission to share. And their cat stories! 

I’ve reached out to over 45 Hotels With Cats now that I have found super easily on Instagram and Twitter, and I have not even started on the cat cafe’s yet (do you know that I am actually friends with a person who DID NOT KNOW WHAT A CAT CAFE WAS? BRON. I AM NAMING AND SHAMING YOU) I am having so much fun connecting to cat people across the globe and reading all the stories. We are launching on September 1st with around the first 8 Hotels, then I’ll be adding to the site weekly. Phew. 

If you’re a cat person or into travelling or cats and travel then I would love you to join the tribe and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

I’m going to be sharing amazing properties and cat stories across the globe.

I’d be ever so grateful that you share my little project with your cat friends too as we get ready to launch, or pounce!

Much Love & Happy Travels,

Ashleigh XXXX

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