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Sometimes the Ginger Hunk goes away for work and I am fine. Fine I tell you.

The way it usually goes when he leaves is that I clean the house (so it looks like no man has ever lived here). Then, the Sashi cat and I cook what we like (usually smaller, more chick sized meals). On the first night she swiftly usurps his side of the bed and I settle into single chick, feline assisted life until he returns.


The Ginger Hunk and I are not one of those couples that live our life in each others pockets. We don’t make each other do each other’s sports (albeit for a brief period when we got together). He does his things, I do my things. When he goes off paragliding for the day I relish in the time to write or read. We tell each other about our adventures with excitement and love. We support each othe

But this week, I really miss him so. I have been wallowing around the house like a little lost puppy!

I don’t know why. Watching girly movies on my own just made  me sadder.


Even the cat has been extra annoying singing the song of her people at 5am.

See you soon my Ginger Hunk.


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