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Friends Like These

Friends like these.

Take you with all your shit, bullshit and darkness. Laugh with you in the light, know your actual weight and call you out when you accidentally fart.

Buy you presents from overseas “just because” they saw it in a shop on their travels.

Fight with you like a sister, bury it, and get over it quickly and move on to the next journey.

Stop a card game for two hours to go on to solve all the problems of the world (and then some.)

Call you up on your lies, pick up when you are holding truth from them and when something just isn’t right.

But again, bury it, move on and move forward.

Wake you up to walk, when you don’t really want to, but you’d rather be half asleep with them than miss out on the opportunity to be with them at all.

Growing, learning together, getting through the messiness and wonderfulness that this adult life is all about.

Friends like these.


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