A failed mission

It goes something like this.

You’re working on a team at NASA.

You’re all going the same direction. It’s exciting what might be ahead.

Everyone on your mission is on the same page.

About what life on Mars will be like. What everyone is meant to do. What your job is.

Suddenly. A change of destination. Mars is no longer the destination. (Although you’re sure that is what the entire earth wants.)

Your leader aborts the shuttle.  The people in your command control also abort.

You wait on, holding on with hope, that things will change.

That you will get a new commander.

That everyone will come to their senses.

That something will change.

You want to get to Mars, but you’re not sure about how you can get there.

You’re not sure if you have the patience, nor the air to keep on travelling.


Ashleigh XXX



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