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Surviving the Sydney Commute

As I get older I am getting more and more cranky with the Sydney commute.

 Is the traffic getting worse? Or am I getting more impatient in a cranky older lady  kinda way.

I worked out the other day that I spend 24 DAYS OF MY LIFE A YEAR commuting.

Door to door I have a round trip of about 1 hour and 15 minutes each way in peak hour.

 This = 2.5 hours a day

         = 12.5 hours a week

         = 23 hours a fortnight (ALMOST A DAY A FORTNIGHT FAAAKKK).

I try to make it pleasant, I leave early and often do yoga in the city before work. Or I read other blogs or a book. But I still feel that it is a waste of my precious time and that I could be doing other things. And the older I get, the more angry I am about it.

Us Northern Beaches folk are used to it though.

From a young age we are breed to believe that the commute is a normal part of life. School in North Sydney, and University in Glebe and Kensington, I guess you learn to suck it up.

I was eavesdropping on some men discussing the commute home last night on the E86 bus – they were convoluting all sorts of plans; drive to Gordon from Mona Vale, park the car, get the train to the city.

ALL THIS FOR AN 18KM journey to the office??

A work college was sitting next to me yesterday, complaining about a sore back. I said to him (because I have that shitty return to the office from holiday feeling) ‘of course your back is sore – you should be out hunting and gathering’.


 It is very strange when you think about it for more than a minute, we sit like little lemmings, glued to smartphones on buses increasing traffic congestion and being transported for hours.

THEN we are ferried into the city, where businesses pay for HUGE rents and high speed internet, and THEN we sit all day doing THINGS WE COULD DO FROM OUR HOME COMPUTERS.

 Indeed it is all very strange.

What do you think of the office commute? What have you done to survive?

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