Tips to my 18 year old self from my 33 year old self

When I was 18, I thought 33 was soooo old.

Ancient in fact.

I thought I would feel all mature and lady like and have a house with napkins and old people  type grown up things.  I do not.

I thought I would have the world figured out by now.

Here is the knowledge I wish I could have told me, back then, NOW!

(Not entirely sure that makes sense but I think you get what I mean?)

“Dear Ashleigh (the 18-year-old one), 

Happy 18th Birthday. Here are some tips from your future self. 

(I know you won’t listen but I will try to give you some advice anyway.)

Life will go fast.

Don’t be in such rush to find out all the answers.  

You will never feel entirely grown up and you will never stop learning.  

Don’t be in such a hurry to find your soul mate. He will come.

Handling someone else and their feelings as well as your own is hard. Enjoy the time you have which is all yours, now.

Think of other people’s feelings as well as your own. 

Listen to your mother. She is right and wise, even though you think she is strict and knows nothing. You might have a daughter one day and only  when you are older will you appreciate what she did for you. 

You should not have to fight for space or attention ins someones life. Don’t waste time on people who make no effort with you. People who want you will make room for you in their lives and ask you to be a part of it, front and center row, not peering from the sidelines. 

Don’t waste time pining for, and loving people who don’t love you back. 

The same goes in reverse: don’t waste others time if you know how they feel about you and you know that you don’t feel the same way. 

Respect your body, you only get one, and it has to last you for a very long time.The decisions you make today can impact on your future choices. 

Don’t spend time with those who don’t lift you up and inspire you. Surround yourself with people who make you want to be a better, kinder person.  

Be around people who tell you that you can do amazing things, not those who say you can’t or won’t.  

You’re going to get your heart-broken a lot – but you will survive and (eventually) appreciate the journey.

Don’t rush to get things done or to grow up in a hurry. Life is a marathon not a sprint.  

You’re still not going to have it all figured out by the age of 33…..but you will have loads of fun continuing to try. 

Happy birthday cat lady,  

Love Ashleigh ( 33 on the 6.6.)”


What would you have told yourself when you were 18? Would you have listened? 

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