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Getting Inked Today: My Cattoo

I’ve always been brought up anti-tattoo. Anti-anti-anti tattoo, And I was anti-tattoo. For quite some time.

I never understood why people would love a symbol so much, or want to destroy their own skin, that they would ink themselves for eternity.

What if they changed their minds? What if they hate it in older age? Why would they do that to their bodies?

Then after a while, my thoughts, (as most have in my mid-thirties) began to shift.

In my early thirties, (it sounds like a hideous cliche), I found myself. And things felt lesser of a big deal than they have been in the past. What’s the big deal about a little tattoo? (If it brings you happiness then do it I say. ) So I started being drawn to images of cats on Pinterest. Saving them for “later”, not to do anything about them, but just because I liked looking at them. At first. Then scrolling through images on Instagram, I came across Maddison @ Dee Why Tattoo. I loved her animals instinctively, her lines and her illustrations. So I thought, why the hell not?

I’m 35 this year. Other people are making permanent decisions like Botox or babies. Why not do something for me?

Everyone, knows that I am a crazy cat lady anyway. But to me the cat symbolises many things.

Most of all, cats to me cats mean family. Our love of cats has been passed down from my Dad’s mother. We’ve always had cats. When we have not had cats, I have felt like my arm is missing. They symbolise creativity. Living your own life.  Being loved but not owned. And the cat in a spiritual sense also is a symbol of courage, independence, a sense of self and of curiosity.

This blog, called My Meow, has also given me so much confidence, belief in myself and opportunity.

Apart from that, how could looking at a little cat, make me sad at all?

(I even look at MY OWN CATS INSTAGRAM PAGE to feel nice and calm before I go to sleep.)

Mum and Dad found out, and being the anti-tattoo people who I knew they were, were disappointed and could not understand.

Accepting their opinion, but making my own decision, off I went today to Dee Why Tattoo.

My creative superstar of an artist, was not as anxious as I seemingly, about my little cat. (She creates MAJESTIC LIONS FOR FREAKING SAKE.)

Exhibit A. Majestic Lion From Maddison. (Isn’t she amazing, you can check out her work over here. )

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 6.33.16 pmBut this was my majestic lion. My little lion is not as big. (But equally as brave, for me, anyway.)

After Maddison sketched out the final versions of my cat, she was copied on my arm, and off we went.

A little bit of unpleasantness. A little bit of weird noise. Not much pain.

Around twenty minutes later, here she is, my Cattoo.



Who I made such a big deal of getting in the first instance, but will do nothing but bring me joy, and remind me to be the person I am.

Courageous. Independent. Curious. 

I love her already.

Happy Sunday.

Love Ashleigh XXX






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