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February Reflections

Did we get actually get an extra day?

Where did it go?

With February comes the feeling that we are in the full swing of the year. Australia Day is over, and Easter is approaching. EGGS ARE IN THE SUPERMARKET ALREADY CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? It has been a busy month. Lots of writing, with three articles due, entailing six interviews which I LOVED doing. (I’m worried about how my final piece due next week will fit into the word limit though, so much to say in so little words.) I’ve also been getting used to going to ‘an office’ again for part-time work. My team is nice, and it is going okay. By mid-week, I actually look forward to it, and that is a good sign.

I finished up the CanToo Ocean Swim program with a glorious day at  the North Bondi Classic, and pondered how I will hit my fundraising target for the trail run. While I was sad to say goodbye to the lovely humans, I  was excited started my new regime of weights and classes at Premier Fitness with some Peace Love Yoga weekly. It is going pretty well so far, but the next phase of the fit for 35 mission is that I must be cautious about food.

I had a terrible experience drinking, and signed up to Hello Sunday Morning, for a 12 week break off booze. I decided to get my tattoo finally yesterday, the decision causing me so much anxiety and then excitement, that I will admit I broke my drink detox yesterday, with a few wines to celebrate.

Back on it now though. Here I sit with my little tattoo, so excited with how it looks, and so happy that I did it. You can read about it here. 

Other than that, I survived the first month back at my ‘office job’ caught up with friends, celebrated pre-babies with a few of them and went to CAT YOGA with my blogging friend Sanch. It was awesome! It really needs its own review… which I will get to soon. (Because OMG CATS AND YOGA.)

March is all about… Liz Gilbert,  moving more, finalising my first piece for SMH, family celebrations, being a bit less busy, and focusing on my children’s book.

How was your February?

Any plans for March? 


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