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The 10 week challenge – my goals

June 28, 2015

Since taking up blogging instead of endurance sport I have put on a bit of weight. It ain’t that bad, I am still in the same clothes, they are just a little bit tighter, and I am far happier than I ever was. I wrote this post before about how once I got to my ‘magical’ skinny weight and nothing much occurred.

But things in recent months are starting to irk me a little. I didn’t feel so fab in my bikini in the Philippines. I feel tired and lack energy in the mornings. Besides that my immune system is low after having two bouts of tonsillitis and a severe reaction to a spider bite.

With that all behind me and the promise of being able to run this week, F45 is starting a 10 week challenge tomorrow! I am DETERMINED to stick to a clean eating plan for 10 weeks. This will lead me up to two things that I am really looking forward to in spring; Bali Bliss Retreat from the 7th September to the 11th and the SMH Half Marathon on the 20th of September.

What could be better than feeling your best, then going to a retreat in Bali then returning all healthy and relaxed and running another half marathon? This will be me like beautiful Nadine in the video… Except for the surfing part.

So after an inspirational talk from our trainer Adam, this is my plan for the next ten weeks!

I am hoping to – lose 6 kilos, fit into my black bikini and increase my energy. 

I am going to do this by…..

Sticking to eating clean (no processed grains, dairy or sugar) with a cheat meal

Avoiding the booze, (but enjoying a glass of red per week if I really really want it)

Meditate for 5 – 10 min daily, no matter how busy I am

Completing 2 runs for half marathon training and  2-3 F45 and a yoga per week

Enjoying 1 small coffee a day

Get 8 hours sleep a night (No phone or computer for 1 hour before bed)

Drinking 2 litres of water a day

Reading more books at night instead of TV and blogs…

What do you think of this?  

Reckon I will be ready for Bali?

Come join me and get fit for spring! 

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  • Thanks Muriel I am getting there xxx

  • Muriel Medeiros Burttet

    Good luck with the challenge, Ashleigh! You can do it, keep strong. Your blog looks great!

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  • Good luck with the challenge Ash! I am with you…I’ve got to set my goals this week as my gym starts a 12 week challenge from Monday which I’m signing up for. Apparently, I get a diet plan from them so that’ll determine what I eat. I do need better sleep and am aiming for 8 hours too. Once I sign up, like you, I might blog about it to keep me more accountable.

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  • Danielle

    This one bothers me Ash: Sticking to eating clean (no processed grains, dairy or sugar) with a cheat meal.
    Calling food clean sets up a whole unhealthy moral framework. Everything has it’s place in moderation because willpower is a finite resource and then you end up back where you started (well I do, anyway!!)

    • I pretty much avoid dairy nowdays anyway, it makes me feel so bloated. I guess we all have our own versions of what clean or healthy is, but this is what works for me rather than calorie counting.

  • Amy

    “Since taking up blogging instead of endurance sport I have put on a bit of weight. ” – LOL don’t blame the blog 😛 I too, need to keep up with my fitness. The hike to Leith Hill Tower took my breath away, not in a good way!

    • Not blaming the blog, but I have gone from doing probably 10 hours training a week to four. I used to be able to eat whatever! It is a huge lifestyle shift but as writing is my passion then I allow it <3 I will find the balance again.

  • I need to lose 6kg too but this is some clean livin girlfriend?!! I might try the meditation for 10 minutes, going to bed early for some proper sleep and I’ve started drinking just 1 coffee a day, I’m thinking a check sheet of all the the changes might be the way to go. Def meet up at ProBlogger Ash – Lets commit to at least 3kg lighter x

    • A cheat sheet is a great idea! I am trying not to think about the 10 weeks just one day at a time. That is a great goal before pro blogger! I will join you. And we can meet so we are accountable!