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June Reflections: Coming home to Bali, Turning 35 and a New Job!

Did I really go to Bali in June?

Did I?

It feels like so long ago.

June was a whirlwind month. I can’t believe we are halfway through the year. It was a big month and I didn’t blog much. I decided to focus on me for the month, have a true break from writing. Annual leave of sorts. A lot has happened and I have lots to focus on for the remainder of the year, and to fill you in on, of course.

Let me start with Bali. I had booked this trip moons ago to finish my Freediving Aida 3* Training with Fusion Freediving and Yoga. When I went to Bali in December, my right ear was playing up, to the point of pain, and I was unable to finish the course. The Ginger Hunk who is awaiting DVA claims and is at home with a bung hip could not travel. So at the last minute, my Dad came with me. My mum, suffers from anxiety so he felt a bit guilty for leaving her, but as carers we all need a break too. Mum was not interested in hanging in a remote town in Bali, so off we went. Bali always feels like home to me, so landing in the small town of Amed made me breathe a sigh of relief.  After dealing with the Sydney storms via phone and skype we settled into our week in Amed. I had half a days training every day with Agata from Fusion who is now someone I consider a close friend. You learn a lot from each other when you’re trying to hold your breath under water and not freak out. I got to 26m, a personal best. But that is not what it was about, so Agata tells me. I’m so much more comfortable in the water, relaxed, enjoyed the freefall with some additional weights. I can’t wait to do more. Dad and I had a great time, I turned 35, and as you can see he attracted the cats to him as well.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 9.24.35 am

Dad walking at The Water Palace

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 9.24.51 am

Dad with a new furriend…. it runs in the family.

I will write more about Bali later on in some travel posts, as there is much more to say but I will finish with this. Any trip to Asia is not complete for me without Bali Belly and boy did it get me. I was sick for about 10 days on return, and have been on some killer antibiotics for a parasite and unable to drink alcohol for two weeks. This put be back two weeks in training for my 25km Trail Run, and just in organisation in my life in general. I really had no energy and was sleeping for around 12 hours a night. Thankfully, I am on the mend now.

If you don’t know about the fact that I train with CanToo then you can check them out here. Basically, you fundraise for Cure Cancer Australia in turn for training. This year I decided to host an event to raise my funds. Last Sunday I wrote about how grateful I was for all the money raised and the random acts of kindness I had to help me on my way.  Running the trails has been great, particularly for me with bad knees. The change of terrain, the slower pace, walking up and down hills, navigating creeks I am finding challenging and enjoying. There is something about being in the bush on Saturday mornings instead of pounding the road.

I also had some good news at work. My contract that I started in January, has been changed to long term. So I am in a position until at least August next year, with recognition of my prior service. So this brings me to the fact that next April, I am eligible for 1 month long service leave. And more than that, I get to work on some interesting projects back in mental health policy land, like state based suicide prevention activities for NSW. So I am happy after being moved around from team to team. I will be working four days, to support The Ginger Hunk in his business and recovery, when it all happens. I’m still writing some articles, but less so at the moment, concentrating on self-publishing my children’s book and some other ideas. I’ve got some things organised for India and Vietnam though and I am on a health kick until then!

How was your June?



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