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Random acts of Kindness

I’ve been a bit of a hermit this week. A busy hermit. I’ve been organising my fundraising event for CanToo . Every year I do some kind of endurance event, whether it be a run or a swim, and CanToo trains you for it, and in turn you fundraise for cancer research. Not just any research. New researchers who haven’t had money for research before and have bright bubbly amazing ideas.

I was taking to my little six-year-old nephew on the weekend, and he asked if what I am raising money for is a bit like anti-venom.

Yes it is, I said, it is. Because cancer is horrible and we all need anti-venom.

So, I got the idea for this event, because last year I attended a magnificent event, hosted by Alethea from The Wellbeing Collective, it was an evening of yoga, organic wine and food. I thought what a fantastic event, I am going to do this for my next fundraising gig. And so it started with an idea, first I could not get a venue, as everyone wanted money. Then the lovely folks at Mona Vale Surf Club gave me a venue for free to use. I contacted Alethea, because I knew she would be amazing to guide a group of mixed ability yogis and she was so excited, and SAID YES, she would do it for FREE. The catering folk from D’Vine By Nature, sold me their yummy treats for a magnificent afternoon tea, at wholesale prices, and my Dad paid for them, as his contribution to raise money for the anti-venom. The Ginger Hunk was on task making Thermomix hot chocolates, and I raffled off some awesome lucky door prizes, an energy healing, toys, pukka tea, a facial, and some sporting gear, from businesses that I love myself or approached to donate a prize.

All these acts of giving and kindness culminating in 16 yogis all coming together yesterday to raise $850 for research.

It made me all warm and fuzzy inside on a week where the world is closing its borders, and not giving a shit about anyone else. It seems.

Warm and fuzzy indeed. 

More acts of kindness and giving in this messy world I say.

If you want to make a tax-deductible donation to CanToo before tax time, you can here! 

Happy Monday! 


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