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October Reflections

I’m not going to lie it was a shit month.

I struggled.

I struggled like I have not struggled in a very long time.

But I have come out of it now with a plan.


Anyway you will hear about that later.

Apologies that this is late but when you’re in a funk everything is hard.

October started out smoothly. I started out the month on Michelle Bridges, was feeling super fit, and foxy, then a series of events sent me into a downward spiral and I have been on the wine wagon for about seven days now. Not heaps… but a little. Food is going ok. F45 is going pretty good, I am managing a yoga once or twice a week even though I do not feel like it *but thanks to my encouraging work mate for making me go who knows I am in a rut.

Went for the first swim of the season with Dad. Swimming with Can Too starts next week with my Dad and Sister joining me this program!

Some awesome things happened to point me along the way and remind me that life ain’t that bad.

  • Some phone calls from important people in my life assuring me that it was my time for new things.
  • I completed module one of my Children’s Book course.
  • We had news of some additional money coming in that we hadn’t banked on.
  • I had another article published and a review confirmed for a luxury magazine in March.

Little messages here saying, the universe can support you. Trust me. I have your back. Nudge, nudge. Keep on going. 

The month finished with a trip to Canberra for work and to see a school friend and a mate.

Movie watched: The Dressmaker (depressing for my current state of mind, but good man viewing.)

Thankful for: Family. Ginger Hunk. Friendship. Health. 

Looking forward to: December. Summer. Bali. Freediving. Writing. Ginger Hunk’s new hip. 

Bring it.

How was your October?

Ready for the end of the year?

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