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July Reflections

Check the view from my office. I guess it is alright as far as office views go. Could be much worse. This month just came and went in a blur. I can’t believe it is August tomorrow. August. Diabolical. It has been another month of waiting and waiting for news from the DVA (Department of Veteran’s Affairs.) I’ve felt frustrated, and anxious, and hopeless, and hopeful. With lack of persons to get frustrated at, I seem to get annoyed at The Ginger Hunk these days, although I know that this is not his fault. Then I get annoyed at being frustrated, because I can’t do anything to fix it, and a fix it RIGHT NOW is the type of person I am. It seems to be on the move now at least, because he has a new case manager now, and we got paid SOME money, which means we are not in debt. But the saga continues. Watch this space.

For me, July has been a reflective and re-setting month. I had another de-clutter. After months of being in denial about weight gain, The Ginger Hunk and I purchased scales. I knew it was bad, but I didn’t think it was that bad. My clothes were getting very uncomfortable, so I had some idea. I reflected on putting on seven kilo, and now it is time to get rid of it. I’ve been eating clean as a whistle for two weeks and have lost 1.6 kilos already since we purchased said scales. I’m on a long-term mission to be back at my comfortable weight before Christmas. For the first time in a long time, I’ve thought a bit more about not having a baby, and reflected on what not to say to women without children.

It is just four weeks before my 25km trail run and five weeks before I head to Vietnam with my sister for her 40th. I reflected on growing up five years apart, and our turbulent relationship in our youth. I’m excited about all things in August, although it is going to be a busy hectic month, too busy actually. Two weekends away, a hen’s night, two weddings, my longest run, the actual trail run, a play and an article due. Getting on the plane on the 2nd of September will not only signify a sign of relief, but hopefully that we have also made it through the DVA process, and the busy month.

How was your July? 

What does your August look like?

Much love,

Ashleigh XXX

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